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Message from Executive Officer


During these uncertain times one thing you can count on is that NoCo HBA will continue to be a strong advocate for the construction industry. Our mission outlines the importance of advocating for the health of our industry and success of our members.


Safety has always been a top priority in our industry and that has always extended to the health of professionals and homeowners. But right now, balancing public and economic health is tougher to navigate. We’re working with local and state officials to find ways to keep the economy moving, while keeping Coloradans safe.


Construction is still considered an essential service in Colorado and we’re doing what we can to make sure it stays that way. We’re working to make sure our industry can continue with inspections and permitting by encouraging the use of  technology and social-distancing techniques.


We’re encouraging all our members to practice social-distancing, and the cleaning and disinfecting techniques recommended by the CDC. Through meticulous and thoughtful work we believe the homebuilding industry can continue to do its part to stimulate the economy. This is more important than ever as many businesses have been forced to close their doors for the foreseeable future, leaving millions out of work.


Housing will play a critical role in the economy’s recovery. Homeowners will benefit from lower interest rates. The industry will also create local jobs and generate tax revenue. Areas of the country that have recently experienced a boom in population, like Northern Colorado, will be particularly important during the economic recovery as the need for new housing will drive building.


We will continue to post resources and the latest information for our members. Please reach out if  you have any questions. Together, we will make a difference. 

- Nikki Giordano

Executive Officer

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