CAHB Benefits

NEW! CAHB and LegalShield


CAHB has partnered with LegalShield to offer CAHB members a variety of legal services. Members can access legal counsel and advice from specialized lawyers. Services covered under the membership include consultations, document review, correspondence, trial defense, and more. LegalShield provides both individual and organizational memberships so not only can your business have access to the network but LegalShield can be a valuable employee benefit as well.


NEW! CAHB/Western Pacific Risk Management and Insurance Program

Western Pacific Insurance

The CAHB/Western Pacific Risk Management and Insurance Program provides special discounts to all CAHB Members. This program integrates multiple insurance carriers and policy options for CAHB’s membership and is not exclusive to any one carrier or insurance agency. The program is also available to all CAHB members including home builders, developers, and trade contractors, as well as associate members including architects, engineers, surveyors, material suppliers, real estate professionals, consultants and many more. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit