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Construction Advisory from Shaun May, Larimer County Environmental Health Services Director

The advisory states that "construction may continue under Governor Polis’ stay-at-home order as long as Social Distancing Requirements are followed on construction worksites."  The intent is to allow for "continuity of operations on critical infrastructure such as roads, rails, airports, housing (especially low-income housing), energy infrastructure and water infrastructure," but work on non-critical infrastructure is not prohibited. So long as social distancing and proper hygiene protocols are maintained (which is mandatory) during construction and building inspection, the state is leaving it to the judgment of project sponsors and contractors to determine which projects should be deferred and which can continue: "The state also urges any small scale construction projects (e.g. home renovations) to be reasonably deferred without penalty. For large scale and public investment, projects should be evaluated on a case by case basis..."

Read the full advisory here.


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