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The Membership Committee finds effective ways for recruiting and orienting new members, maintaining, and retaining current members by keeping them active and informed. Plan member networking events and recognizing the Association Spike Members through an annual event.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Working in conjunction with staff, plans and conducts programs for membership development within established budget

  • Establishes goals, both immediate and long-term, for membership development

  • Provides for appropriate recognition of new members and their sponsors

  • Reviews and selects membership materials available from NAHB and other sources. Acts as a liaison to the NAHB Membership Committee

  • Oversees the awarding of Spike Club credits

  • Coordinates Spike Appreciation Month activities and other Spike recognition programs

  • Coordinates membership promotions with NAHB and state contests and drives

  • Recommends and assists in the production of local membership materials and brochures

  • Reports on progress to the Board of Directors and membership

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