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The Workforce Development Committee focuses on creating and maintaining local school district partnerships, promoting the benefits of the construction industry while encouraging career opportunities through events and education of students, parents, and community members. They also develop effective ways for students to connect with NoCo HBA members and benefit from work experience opportunities and job placement.


Call the NoCo HBA office for meeting dates, 970-686-2798.


Chair: Ian Simkiss, Centennial Leasing & Sales
Cost: Free

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Establishes and maintains partnerships with educational entities and other organizations to promote and support the trades

  • Identifies and promotes vocational education courses and programs that focus on skills training for the various trades within the construction industry.

  • Promotes, the benefits of career opportunities in the construction industry to students, parents, influencers, and educators.

  • Develop effective work experience and job placement platforms to connect students to industry.

  • Promotes mentoring and educational relationship with association members, high school students and the local NAHB Student Chapter.

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