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Every three years NoCo HBA develops a strategic plan. This comprehensive plan outlines the strategy for achieving goals in the areas of membership, government affairs, workforce development and public affairs. The COVID-19 Pandemic made it difficult, if not impossible, to accomplish the goals set forth for 2019-2021. Therefore, we are recommending that these goals be extended through 2024 and will be reviewed annually.


Goal 1: Increase total membership to 400 by December 2022, 450 by December 2023 and 500 by December 2024.
Goal 2: Maintain retention rate above 70% through December 2022. Improve and maintain a retention rate to 80% by December 2023
Goal 3: Increase member participation in events and volunteering by 20%.


Government Affairs

Goal 1: Establish purpose, process and promotion of advocacy fund
(Goal: $1,000).

Goal 2: Increase engagement and improve relationships with local officials in order to increase our influence on codes and regulations.

Workforce Development

Goal 1: Establish a workforce development program in order to increase the labor pool.

Goal 2: Improve perception of careers in trades and educate employers and workers on the path to employment.


Public Affairs

Goal 1: Improve public perception and awareness of our HBA and increase consumer use of HBA as a resource.

Goal 2: Increase funding and plan for the NoCo HBA Foundation.

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