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For decades, the HBA has been a one-stop shop for members to stay up to date on news, professional development, networking and events in the homebuilding industry. Your local Association is backed by power and influence of the Colorado Association of Home Builders and the National Association of Home Builders. Join Today!


It’s the Collective Voice of Our Industry

NoCo HBA has a strong voice in the homebuilding industry. As such, the HBA has a seat at the table whenever issues that can affect the industry are on the menu. A key component of the HBA’s commitment to members is to defend the homebuilding industry against harm in our eight-county, over 50-municipality region. Have a pressing issue? Let us know, the Builders Regulatory Council can help!

Take Advantage of Your 3-in-1 Membership

Becoming a member of NoCo HBA instantly enrolls you

as a member of the Colorado Association of Home

Builders (CAHB) and the National Association of Home

Builders (NAHB). This 3-in-1 membership grants you

access to three times the discounts and benefits!

Professional Development

Stay up to date on professional education through your HBA – from invaluable continuing education to certifications and designations. Don’t see what you’re looking for, let us know.


Peer Recognition

In any industry, recognition and acknowledgement by peers is one of the highest forms of praise. The HBA’s award programs formally recognize members for their professionalism, expertise, philanthropic efforts, innovative and quality building designs through the Golden Key Awards and the Annual Member Awards. Winners often showcase these awards in their sales and marketing efforts as a way to stand out from their competitors.

Visibility has No Limitations

NoCo HBA is dedicated to “Members Doing Business with Members” — provided are a plethora of opportunities for members to connect with other members on a monthly basis through events, education and committee/council meetings. In addition, provided are opportunities for members to stay in front of their peers through event partnerships, member only event publications, the “NoCo News” e-newsletter and much, much more!

Give Back to Your Community

HBA members enjoy giving back! Through HBA’s charitable arm, Building the Future Foundation, members can enhance the living conditions of Northern Colorado residents, and foster education and training to provide a viable workforce. Want to learn more? Call the HBA office.

Be in the Know

The best way for you to stay competitive is to be well informed. HBA members have access to over 350 local members and 2,000 state members; economists, community partners, government officials and online publications from NoCo HBA (NoCo News), CAHB (Capitol Close-up) & NAHB (NAHB Now & NAHB’s Eye on Housing).

General Liability Insurance Program

CAHB has a statewide insurance program that provides special rate for HBA members only.

Cash in on Discount Programs

NoCo HBA members have access to NAHB discounts and savings opportunities offered by many top companies; Dell, Nissan, Office Depot, GMC, Kabbage, Lowe’s, Amazon Business, Geico, UPS and many more! CAHB offers discounts too.

Become an Industry Leader

When you serve on an HBA committee or council, you have the chance to grow your leadership skills. And because your local HBA membership also means you’re a member of CAHB and NAHB, there are plenty of opportunities to serve on statewide and national councils too. Serving on committees and councils boosts your visibility within the industry, along with your own awareness of how you’re shaping the future of homebuilding throughout Northern Colorado, Colorado and the country.
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