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March 30, 2020

Samantha Everett, Chief Building Official

Building Division COVID-19 Procedural updates

The Building Division values safety and has implemented a few updates to our procedures during this state of emergency. In effort to accommodate social distancing the City of Loveland’s Development Center will remain closed to the public.

Staff is also reduced due to social distancing, and the best way to contact the Building Division is below.

  • Our Main line is 970-962-2505 will route to the phone tree, then to the permit techs desks. If you receive a voice mail, we are checking every hour and returning calls, accordingly.

  • To schedule an inspection, call 970-962-2100 and follow the prompts.

  • Jen Zaynor is the building administrator and can be reached at 970-962-2525 or at

  • Kaylee Dion handles our commercial permitting and can be reached at 970-962-2632 or

  • Daisy Perez handles our residential permits and can be reached at 970-962-2526 or 970-962-2504 or

Building inspections will continue, however, the inspections will be conducted at the inspector’s discretion to maintain safety precautions. Owner occupied inspections will not be conducted at this time to protect our inspector’s safety.

Emergency inspections necessary to restore utility interruptions will be provided for essential utilities, such as electrical, gas, water and sewer services. Emergency inspections also will be provided to address structural concerns resulting from incidents such as explosions, fires, vehicles hitting buildings, etc. Exterior weatherization of building envelopes, such as roofs, veneer, cladding, windows, doors, etc., necessary to repair accidental damage, can be performed, provided sufficient detailed digital pictures, an affidavit of compliance and permit application are provided to the city once the offices are reopened.

Staff will continue to process applications that are currently in review. Application status, review comment letters, invoices, payments and permit placards can be sent via email for the time being. Please read your emails and coordinate with permit staff for pick up.

Fee payment methods include Visa, MasterCard, and Discover card payments with applicable service fees, and ACH payments with no service fee. These can be made by phone to 970-962-2505 for payments up to $5,000.

Check payments over $5,000 can be dropped off at a collection box that is located in the Development Center vestibule.

Contractor Licensing will be processed electronically via email. Contractor licensing questions or a completed application packet and updated insurance forms, should be submitted to Payments can be made by phone at 970-962-2525.

Existing appliances, necessary for sanitation and health, such as water heaters, furnaces, boilers, etc. can be replaced when necessary and permits and inspections obtained once the offices are reopened.

This information could change as new information emerges, please check back frequently for updates.

Any questions or concerns you can reach me directly at

Stay Safe and Healthy!


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