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Works with the association’s membership and government officials within the community on matters concerning local building codes, ordinances, rules and/or regulations affecting the construction of housing in the community.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Oversees building code issues throughout the association’s jurisdiction

  • Meets with building officials and organizations to further the goals of the association

  • Educates members and the Board of Directors on code issues as needed

  • Attends hearings and testifies before boards, committees, and commissions in support of industry issues by working in conjunction with the Government Affairs Committee

  • Participates in the NAHB Codes and Standards Partnership and acts as a liaison to the NAHB Construction, Codes and Standards Committee

  • Reviews and recommends positions to NAHB on proposed changes to national codes and standards

  • Submits voting ballots on proposed codes and standards

  • Engage and share high-level best practices within the building community and at monthly meetings.


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