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Colorado Wildfires Drive Fire Protection to the Forefront

Written by: Jean van Oppen

This last December, Colorado residents were reminded of how quickly one can lose its family heirlooms that are irreplaceable. The fire that swept through Boulder County burned almost 1,000 homes and caused 35,000 residents to be evacuated. Hundreds of Coloradoans lost items that were invaluable and are now simply memories. As our state rebuilds from this tragedy, fire safety and protection will move to the forefront.

When it comes to protecting what matters most, a vault room is the ideal solution. Homeowners have the ability to design a space that is large enough to protect all of their valuables and protect it from fire. With a Fort Knox Vault Door, the owner has a variety of options to customize the entrance. The doors can swing in or out, swing left or right and different sizes. There is a range of options when it comes to color and texture. This allows the door to not be an eye sore but instead compliment the room. Every Fort Knox Vault Door comes with an inside release handle. This means the vault room can also be used as a shelter to protect themselves from an outside threat.

The most common vault room is built in the basement so that it has concrete walls, floor and ceiling. By securing all sides with concrete, the room is protected from any fire danger that may arise. The installation of the Fort Knox Vault Door is designed to be straightforward. The doors have a frame that bolts together and clamps tightly to the wall. Therefore you do not have to drill into concrete to set the door.

Seaworth Safe Sales (SSS) is the # 1 stocking dealer of Fort Knox Vault Doors. Based out of Fort Collins, CO, SSS has the ability to quickly fulfill your needs. Need help or advice on designing the vault room? With over 30 years of experience, SSS can help advise on your build. Want to customize your door to make it a one-of-a-kind? SSS will design the door to fit your needs. SSS can also deliver and install the door on your site. SSS has sold thousands of vault doors and has the solution to your needs.

No room for a vault room? Considering purchasing a safe instead. Fort Knox Vaults ensures the best fire protection in the industry. Our safes only use Type-C Fireboard manufactured with shrinkage-compensating Vermiculite that is stud welded to the body, maintaining a thermal barrier for the ultimate fire endurance. Fort Knox safes come in all shapes and sizes and the customer has the ability to purchase their exact needs. Our fire ratings start at 1200 degrees for 60 minutes up to 1680 degrees for 120 minutes. In comparison, other safe brands only go up to 1200 degrees for 60 minutes.

Fort Knox is one of the last 100% American made safe companies. This is why they confidently offer a lifetime warranty on all of their safes and vault door products. Whether you are getting ready to build or looking to defend your valuables, Fort Knox is your best and safest option. Do not let the unknown danger of a fire take away what matters most. Contact Seaworth Safe Sales for a free catalog and find the perfect vault for your home.

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About the Author:

Jean has worked with Seaworth Safe Sales over the last 8 years while living in Colorado. Jean works in the outdoors industry and understands the high quality and dependability of the American made Fort Knox Safes.

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