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Hartford Homes: A Company Culture of Excellence

Home should be a place of joy and relaxation. It’s a space to love and make memories. A home is the largest investment most people make in their lifetime. It’s also where they spend most of their time. The team at Hartford Homes understands the responsibility that comes with building homes. That’s why they’re committed to building thoughtfully crafted, new construction homes across Northern Colorado. They are also committed to delivering an excellent homebuying experience.

But Hartford Homes is also taking responsibility for another space where people spend time. Outside of the home, people often spend the most time at work. The leadership at Hartford Homes is creating a company culture that reflects not only their dedication to excellence in their craft but also their commitment to the wellness of their employees.

“We want to intentionally design and build Hartford’s culture, systems and processes, so we create Hartford, as a place that enriches people’s lives. We want to build a culture and company that can endure,” said Landon Hoover, owner and chief executive of Hartford Homes.

In combination with Hartford’s mission of enriching lives through the homes and communities they build, they’re now intensifying their focus on enriching lives through Hartford as a place of work. The company culture centers around the values: “Great Places! Great Relationships! And Great Finance!” and a “high-performance, balanced lifestyle”.

“It is easy to think about these lines in the context of the external places we create, homes and communities, but more unique in the context of the internal place we create, Hartford Homes,” Hoover said.

This focus is about recognizing the value and importance of a proper work-life balance. With today’s constant connectivity and hustle culture, it means many people never truly “clock out.” Hartford Homes doesn’t want or expect that from their team. Hoover recognizes the value of rest & renewal and the importance of life outside work. “This focus also recognizes that high-performing people want to be around other high-performing people. As well, the ability to truly unplug comes from being surrounded by high performers that are committed to systems, process, strong communication and care for one another.”

“Hartford Days” is a new tradition where every employee is given one Friday off per month. The additional day off is meant to be one of relaxation, recharging and reconnecting. People do their best work when they’ve had time away from work.

“High-performance, balanced lifestyle” is a value that is meant to reward employees for accomplishing goals and being focused during their time at work. Hartford Homes believes in celebrating successes and the company has a lot to celebrate. They’re a multi-year Avid Award Winner and Great Places to Work award in 2020 and 2021. When people work hard, they should be rewarded. For example, after setting a new company record for monthly sales, the team took a party bus to Denver for a food and drink tour.

“Great Places! Great Relationships! Great Finance!” was established as the standard for every home the company builds and the experience every buyer should expect. But Hartford strives in equal measure to provide this experience to its employees. When it comes to working at Hartford Homes, people can expect a great place to work. They will build great relationships with coworkers and team members. And finally, they can expect great financial stability and benefits.

Like building a home, crafting a new company culture is one step at a time. With a strong foundation, the principles begin to take shape. And just as homes can reflect a person’s individual tastes, Hoover hopes employees take these values to heart and make them their own.

“Our culture is about understanding common objectives and purpose but having the freedom to accomplish those objectives in your own way,” said Hoover.

Whether it’s building homes or employing Coloradans, Hartford Homes is doing its part to make Colorado a great place to live and work.


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