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Matte Black vs. Gorgeous Gold

Which Fixtures are For You?

By Samantha Rasico & Melissa Rasico, Bath & Kitchen Idea Center


Do you want your style to stand out? Do you want that “wow” reaction when people walk into your kitchen? Stainless steel is headed out the door and gold is so your grandma’s go-to. Matte black is the modern finish for you!

TIMELESS OR TRENDY? Matte black isn’t flashy, literally. While various metals go in and out of style, matte black is reliable. It’s elegant yet edgy. It pairs perfectly with classic, modern or farmhouse style. Matte black is the little black dress of faucets.

DOES IT STREAK? There’s nothing more annoying than streaks even when something is clean. Matte black is smudge resistant. This finish is easy to clean and doesn’t require anything special.

HOW ABOUT BOTH? Matte black works with anything, even gold. That’s why it’s so great. It can be paired with white for a classic farmhouse feel or with gold for a more luxurious look. Matte black has a place in everyone’s home.


Gold finishes are the latest trend in luxury bathrooms. We’re not talking about your grandma’s brass. This trend has been updated to include new shades like brushed gold and champagne bronze. C’mon, champagne and bathrooms are a perfect pairing.

TIMELESS OR TRENDY? Trends come and go but good design is never dated. That brassy look you might think of when you hear gold has been updated to reflect a more subtle, sophisticated sparkle. Gray tones are on their way out and warm neutrals are becoming popular again, which pair perfect with gold.

DOES IT STREAK? I won’t lie, metals are shiny which makes them prone to streaking. However, with the right cleaning solution you can get them polished up and looking fantastic in no time.


Absolutely! There are definitely some tones that clearly clash, but gold and matte black can work well together. It’s an extremely elegant combination. Gold provides that rich pop of color while matte black gives a modern feel. If your heart is set on both, we’re here to help you find the right way to make it come to life!


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