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NoCo HBA Candidate Endorsements


Nikki Giordano,


October 15, 2019

NoCo HBA Candidate Endorsements

The Northern Colorado Home Builders Association has released its list of candidate endorsements. NoCo HBA is a nonpartisan organization that endorses candidates based on who they believe will best serve the homebuilding industry. NoCo HBA Builders Regulatory Council members conducted extensive interviews with candidates prior to making endorsements. The Board of Directors then approved the endorsements.

2019 NoCo HBA Candidate Endorsements


Dave Clark: Longtime sitting councilman Clark’s voting record reflects his pro-business and pro-housing stance. As a builder and businessman he’s one of us. Clark supports the utilization of metro districts in residential developments and serves as the liaison to the Loveland Downtown Partnership.

Rob Molloy: Molloy is a self-employed, small businessman. As a land planner and landscape architect, his profession gives him important perspective of the entitlement process and it’s critical paths. He’s spent 12 years on the Planning Commission.

Rich Ball: Sitting councilman Ball is a pro-business attorney who’s also been a land developer. He supported and assisted in the Loveland Land Use Code updates, as well as allowing the cash-in-lieu water payments to help with the upfront water dedication burden.

John Fogle: Sitting councilman Fogle’s voting record proves he’s pro-business and pro-housing. This self-employed, successful businessman’s commitment to Loveland is well documented in his hands-on approach. He’s been personally involved when policy obstacles and other roadblocks were impeding the process.

Nita Starr: Former councilperson Starr battled anti-growth measures in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. She supports metro district use for residential development and believes that regional cooperation is a must for Northern Colorado to prosper.

Don Overcash: Current councilman Overcash is a self-employed, small businessman. He believes no-growth policies drive up prices and that government shouldn’t control pricing. His voting record proves he usually supports metro districts because they’re a viable financing tool.


John Gates: Sitting mayor Gates is the pro-business and pro-housing candidate. He’s a member of the Chamber board of directors and Stampede board of directors. Gates understands how Greeley is growing and can help facilitate that growth for the benefit of residents and business.

Dale Hall: This self-employed, small businessman is a Weld County native and the former Weld County Commissioner. Hall is also a former state representative. His main business is real estate property management. He supports cash-in-lieu for water dedication and prefers the economic development model approach.

Ed Clark: Clark was the mayor when Greeley attracted Leprino Foods. He was also the first candidate interviewed by the Builder’s Regulatory Council to say he favors the economic development model approach. He said that bringing business and industry to the community gives people the ability to afford homes. He also voiced his objection to the city’s recent residential sprinklers proposal, saying he’s “a pro-business guy.”

Kristin Zasada: Zasada was the only candidate interviewed to say the best way to promote achievable housing is to keep city fees and costs down. Zasada’s family is involved in appraisal, real estate and property management. She believes the money collected by the city should be used for its intended purpose.

Blythe Driver: Political newcomer Driver is bright, passionate and motivated. She supports free markets. She’s taken a pro-housing and pro-business stance. He’s also a major proponent of the oil and gas industry.

NoCo HBA’s Builders Regulatory Council welcomes all candidates to meet with the council and be considered for endorsement. If you would like to schedule a meeting contact NoCo HBA at (970) 686-2798.


The Northern Colorado Home Builders Association is a nonprofit, member-driven organization with over 300 members. It was established in 1967 to represent the home building and remodeling industry and to promote safe, affordable housing. NOCO HBA provides education opportunities to all members, networking and advertising opportunities throughout the building industry and advocacy for construction industry regulations on the local, state and national level. For businesses interested in becoming a member, please visit or call 970-686-2798.

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