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NoCo HBA Endorses Candidates for Municipal Election April 7, 2020

The Home Builders Association of Northern Colorado has released its list of candidate endorsements for the Timnath and Windsor municipal elections on April 7, 2020. NoCo HBA is a nonpartisan organization that endorses candidates based on who they believe will best serve the homebuilding industry. NoCo HBA Builders Regulatory Council members conducted extensive interviews with candidates prior to making endorsements. The Board of Directors then approved the endorsements.

Timnath Town Board Endorsements

Brett Hanson: Hanson believes market forces not government mandates are the most appropriate way to generate the availability of varied housing products. Hanson says Timnath needs to better communicate with its citizens concerning land use and town governance positions. He would not support Initiative 122, the 1% growth cap for 11 front-range counties, if it makes it onto the state ballot this fall.

Bryan Voronin: A past Board member, Voronin believes high density levels must be examined and considered to attract more achievable housing types. Voronin stressed that he believes in the free market, not mandates. He supports NISP and does not support Initiative 122.

Mayoral Race: Neutral.

Windsor Town Board Endorsements

District 3 Ken Bennett: Bennett is the incumbent, as well as being the standing mayor pro-tem. He aims to hear all sides of issues. Bennett has voted in support of the business community in his past votes. He opposes Initiative 122.

District 5 Victor Tallon: Tallon has served on Windsor’s Planning Commission for 20 years. He’s an entrepreneur and small business owner, servicing plumbing, heating and water filtration systems. A “rely on common sense” candidate, Tallon supports NISP and would oppose Initiative 122.

Mayor - Paul Rennemeyer: Rennemeyer is a current town board member and has been in the community for over 13 years. He’s a self-employed small business owner with a pro-business voting history. Rennemeyer supports NISP and is a strong opponent of Initiative 122.

This mayoral race is unique because each of the three candidates interviewed displayed distinct and strong pro-business attitudes. David Sislowski is a current town board member, very smart and detail oriented. We encourage Sislowski to remain on the board and to continue his stewardship and advocacy.

Hunter Rivera is passionate about his community. His enthusiasm and willingness to dive in are admirable, and displays a confidence not often found in local politics these days. We encourage him to pursue his passion for civic service. The Interview Committee believes that any of these mayoral candidates would serve the community well but Rennemeyer is our recommended candidate.


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