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Upcoming Larimer County Public Hearings on Adopting the National Electric Code

On July 1, 2020, Larimer County will assume responsibility for issuing electrical permits and performing electrical inspections from the state of Colorado. As part of this transition, we have scheduled public hearings to adopt the latest version of the National Electrical Code (NEC).

Public Hearings for Electrical Code Adoption

  • Larimer County Board of Appeals - Wednesday, May 13, 2020, 8 am

  • Larimer County Planning Commission - Wednesday, May 20, 2020, 6:30 pm

  • Larimer County Board of County Commissioners -  Monday Land Use hearing in June - date TBD - perhaps June 22

At this time, we will not take in-person testimony. If you wish to voice your opinion on this matter at one of the hearings, please send an email to Katie James for the Board of Appeals or Katie Beilby for the Planning Commission with your name and phone number. 

The 2017 NEC is the currently adopted state electrical code. The state plans to adopt the 2020 NEC effective August 1, 2020, without amendment. By state law, local electrical codes may be more but not less stringent than state code. Larimer County currently has the 2017 NEC adopted, but not administered, since we don't yet issue electrical permits or perform electrical inspections. We propose to adopt the 2020 NEC, without amendment, to be effective on July 1, so that we don't have the 2017 NEC in effect for only a month from July 1 to August 1, which could cause unnecessary confusion. 

Eric Fried

Chief Building Official

Community Development Department/Building Division

200 W Oak St, Fort Collins, CO 80521 | Suite 3100

Phone: (970) 498-7705 | Fax: (970) 498-7667


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