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A World of Tile was founded in 1989 in Denver, CO. The central idea that makes us stand out from the competition is our customer service philosophy. We strive to go above and beyond the expected for our chosen customers, you...the homeowner...and the service providers who work with you. We currently operate 14 stores in 3 states, primarily in the southwest and mountain regions.

Services & Resources

Design Consultations

Our goal is to make your experience as easy as possible.

We know home projects – particularly those involving design – can be complicated. We're here to help you through every step, from planning to completion.

Work one-on-one with a friendly, knowledgeable project consultant. Rely on us to serve as your guide and partner. We'll listen, offer ideas, and answer all your questions.

We'll concentrate on the details and recommend the correct products. The smallest details can make or break your project. We know what to ask. For instance:

  • Which tile or stone helps you achieve the look you want?
  • How will you handle tile transitions from room to room?
  • What kind of soap dish works best in your shower?

We'll help with choices and get you the things you need. Count on us to go the extra mile.

DIY - Workshops with the Pros

Sign up for free, hands-on workshops at each of our stores.

Do It Yourself (DIY)
Tiling is a great DIY project, even if it's your first time. Everyone can do it. But if you want to achieve a specific look and do it well, the right equipment and a little instruction can go a long way. When you're ready to tackle your dream project, we're here to make it as easy as possible.

Common questions can be easily handled if you're prepared:

  • What consistency should my grout be?
  • Where in the room should I start tiling?
  • How do I handle the crack in my concrete subfloor?
  • How do I prevent heavy tiles from sliding down the wall when I first set them?
  • We can help you with these answers and more, as well as offer some targeted instruction.

We offer how-to workshops every second and fourth Saturday of the month. These workshops take place at each of our store locations. You will learn the basics of tile including:

  • Tile styles, textures, shapes, sizes
  • Grouting
  • Best practices in laying tile.

Click on the link below to register for a class near you and get started immediately on your tile project!

Working with a Contractor

When you want to hire a professional
We work closely with local contractors specific to each store and can offer suggestions, based specifically on your project. We take into account the complexity of your design, chosen materials, project location, and budget.

We have no agreements with nor receive compensation from any contractor. Our goal is to help you achieve your dreams.

We'll give you choices and suggest questions to ask, to help you pick the contractor that works best for you.

If you've already hired a professional
We'll partner with your contractor to make sure your specifications are met. Come into the store...we're happy to consult with you both.

Service Policies

We gear our stores around you – the customer – and our service policies are designed to make your experience at A World of Tile as enjoyable and easy as possible. Customer-friendly policies we offer include:

We import tile from around the world and it can take three or four months to transport it to our stores. Reserve your tile today and we'll hold it for your while you make the rest of your project decisions. Make sure it lands in your own home and not someone else's!

Purchase more product than you need and we'll buy back whatever you don't use. Our return policy not only ensures you won't run out and it also saves valuable time and money on trips back and forth from the store. Our very flexible return policy allows you to bring back our stocked material for a full refund within six months of the original purchase date. We do not charge restocking fees and we do not require full boxes like many of our competitors.

Other Services
We provide project financing, special orders, arranged delivery, and contractor referrals. Let us know how we can be of service to you.




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